Team experiences that transform how everyone works together

Everyone is valuable on a team. Rarely are people engaged to their full potential. Give your team what it needs to work in a more cohesive, inclusive and purposeful way.

Improve your teamwork

  • Unleash the potential of every single leader in your org

  • Develop adaptability, inclusivity and creativity across your leaders

  • Break down silos and cross-pollinate learning

  • Uplevel an entire cohort

  • Support a culture shift

Strategy and Team Building Retreats

Sometimes a team needs to get away—to think, imagine new possibilities and reconnect. Figuring out your strategy? Need to align and connect everyone to each other and the team’s goals? Making a big shift and need to get all the baggage on the table?

I design highly interactive experiences and facilitate the discussions needed to build team cohesiveness, increase creativity and equip the team to thrive in complexity.

Team Coaching and Development

I often work with teams that aren’t behaving or thinking like teams. They need to become something different to achieve the tasks at hand. Teams—like families—have their own history, dynamics and character.

Wanting to de-center power and reduce hierarchy on the team? Committed to becoming anti-racist? Wrestling with the challenges of cross-cultural and virtual teaming? I work with teams to reveal and shift underlying and unhealthy dynamics.


“Sarah facilitated a strategy and team-building retreat for us in January 2019. She placed a great deal of emphasis on thorough preparation – gaining an understanding of the team dynamics and helping us refine exactly what we wanted to achieve. The sense of creativity, connection and possibility we created during those two days has continued to impact our thinking and work in the months since.”
Brett Davidson

Director of Media and Narratives Open Society Public Health Program

“Sarah delivered an amazing team building and strategic planning retreat for our team that left everyone wiser, happier, and feeling more seen and heard. From the pre-retreat calls and venue selection to the tremendous variety of activities and her authentic and caring presence, we all felt so lucky to have an opportunity to work with Sarah. She accomplished in a day what we would probably have needed 6 months to do without such a pro. ”
Sarah Burd-Sharps

Director of Research, Everytown for Gun Safety