Team experiences that transform how everyone works together

Is your organization evolving its culture? Undergoing a big transition? Do you have a group of leaders needing to expand their range? Equip your people with the relationships, skills and support needed to fit your unique culture and situation.

Build adaptive and creative leaders

  • Get clear and aligned on team vision and purpose

  • Figure out what's next and develop a strategic plan

  • Break down silos and support each other more

  • Learn new collaboration and decision-making skills

  • Create the structures needed to support your goals

Leadership Development Programs

How can you ensure that emerging leaders develop the full range of skills and behaviors that are critical to your organization? Wanting to create a culture shift that ripples through the entire organization? Seeking to cultivate more inclusivity, less perfectionism and more innovation? Bring your leaders together in a customized learning program. I can work with you to clarify the skills and behaviors you want to develop. Then we’ll create a series of development experiences that utilize 360 assessments, ongoing coaching and facilitated peer groups for learning that sticks.

Leadership Skills Intensives

Do you have a specific skill that you’d like to uplevel a group on? I specialize in the following topics and can work with you to create a customized session for your leaders.

  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Virtual Team Building
  • Executive Presence
  • Effective Facilitation
  • Designing and Leading High-Performing Teams

Orpheus Workshop

I partner with the Grammy-winning Orpheus Orchestra to teach other organizations their radically collaborative way of working. At Orpheus, everyone is a leader, everyone is responsible for bringing out the best in each other, everyone is a full participant. Their approach changes what’s possible for individuals and the team as a whole.