1-on-1 support to amplify your positive impact in the world

Who do you want to be in this time of global transformation? What are your next steps—as a leader and as a person? How will you uplift and empower others? What learning will most support you and your goals?

Be the change you want to see

  • Find your own voice and range—be yourself and a leader.

  • Cultivate highly collaborative, cohesive and effective teams.

  • Center justice, equity and anti-oppression in your work.

  • Improve your ability to lead through uncertainty, complexity and change.

  • Build trust and strong relationships—virtually and in-person.

For people who want to make things right in the world

I work with brilliant and creative people — dreamers at heart — who are up against their own capacities and systems.

Research scientists who are leading diverse teams to develop innovative disease treatments. Philanthropy leaders who are exploring what it means to decolonize their work. Frontline agents of change who are re-evaluating their roles and thinking about what’s next. Mission-driven leaders in the for-profit world who want to lead in less of a top-down way.

What they all tend to have in common is a burning commitment and responsibility to the world. It’s something I understand well, because I share it.

Leading with purpose and authenticity

I help people clarify their purpose and work from a place that is full-on them. Always with integrity and relationship with others.

The limits on change are human

I know from the experience of starting an organization that the limits we have on change are human. If you want to make a big impact, your success will come down to how well you can inspire people to work together.


“Sarah’s coaching is a real asset to my professional work and growth, particularly as a manager. Talking with her is a safe and productive space where I can be myself, received with deep support, interest and dedication. In addition to tactical steps to my professional hurdles and challenges, Sarah provides deep warmth and empathy. I cannot recommend her skills and services highly enough. ”
Amy K. Carter, MPH

Director, Community Engagement, CEO Office, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Sarah helped me find and develop my strength as a leader. In the beginning as I was transitioning to a new role and environment, Sarah’s personalized approach got me to dig deep and enabled me to strengthen my role and impact in my new organization. With time, she enabled me to use my own voice and style to lead and grow a culture where managers support each other. Sarah brings creativity, energy and intellect to a process that is challenging and continuous. ”
Sharmila Mhatre, PhD

Acting Director, Public Health Program, Open Society Foundation

“I certainly came out of our coaching experience feeling a lot more confident as a professional, more prepared to deal with workplace conflicts, and having renewed, bolder career ambitions. Sarah made me realize that I’m a better person than I thought I was. She showed me how much I’m guided by a strong sense of justice and integrity in all my choices and interactions. I’ve come to really respect and admire the “me” that Sarah helped reveal, and this continues carrying positive impacts to all aspects of my life.”
Gabriela Barros de Luca, LL.M.

Program Officer, Public Health Program, Open Society Foundations

“What I found most helpful about Sarah’s coaching was her ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me! I feel like Sarah helped free the potential in me. Like most women, so much of what I do at work, at home, in our communities is worthwhile but often taken for granted. Working with Sarah helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible and impactful way without losing myself. I came out of our sessions taking big actions to embark on a new path in my life and career! ”
Ndeye Aita Sarr

Director of Finance, Open Society Institute West Africa (OSIWA)

“Sarah has a natural ability to help others put life’s biggest questions in perspective. She’s helped me take stock of both personal and professional goals, and offered insights on creating a path towards achieving those goals. She’s helped me realize that finding balance requires equal parts patience, creativity, and a sense of adventure! I truly enjoy our time together.”
Heather White, PhD

Executive Director, TogetHer for Health