I created Sage Leadership to deliver transformative leadership training and support to individuals and teams at the forefront of social change.

I believe the knowledge and tools to build resourceful, collaborative and resilient leaders and teams should not be limited to corporate environments or business schools. Sage Leadership brings decades of experience to a wide range of exceptional leaders and purpose-driven teams working globally to make our world safer, healthier and more inclusive.

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Our Leadership Development programs support diverse leaders to expand their individual skills and capacity to put their visions into action, step confidently into a new or expanded role, collaborate successfully across teams and partners and navigate unexpected complexity.

Our Executive Coaching programs are uniquely designed to offer clients fresh insight, expand awareness and hone their capacity to lead, collaborate and connect with greater positivity and impact.

Leadership skills are rarely taught in school. Our team designs and delivers Leadership Skills Workshops that make essential knowledge and skills quickly accessible to groups of individuals or teams.

Our Team Coaching helps to cultivate a teams energy and capacity by working towards greater ownership and responsibility. We help clients identify more productive and collaborative ways of working, thinking and communicating.

Our Strategy & Team Building Retreats offer transformative opportunities for teams to refine their vision, alignment and connection to achieve their goals.

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Virtual Team Building for Jhpiego's Best and Brightest

Jhpiego is a global health organization with a presence in more than 155 countries. On April 11th, I delivered a workshop on Virtual Team Building to some of Jhpiego’s best and brightest leaders.

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Cultivating Innovative Leadership

I’ve always felt a kinship with people who commit themselves to extinguishing inequity in its many forms, and who seek to cultivate compassion, connection and justice through their work. Over my 20 years working in global health, I’ve met thousands of impatient optimists, who grounded by a vision of a better world work tirelessly for change.

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